Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Conscious Box

Have y'all heard of Conscious Box ?  I'm so excited to be their newest affiliate partner!  This box is economically friendly, and can be the PERFECT gift for that person in your family who is so hard to shop for!  

When you head over to Conscious Box, you'll get to decide what size you want, as well as what "theme" you want.  Classic (seen in my picture above), Gluten-free, and Vegan.  I highly recommend perusing the website and checking out Conscious Box!!

Andrew's NEW CAR!

Well....yesterday was definitely an interesting day for us! After I worked at school for a few hours (on my day off), Andrew and I went out looking for a new car.  Both of our cars are in rough shape...but Andrew's especially.  He had done his research, and had two possibilities.

We went to Toyota first, and didn't go anywhere else.  We could such a FANTASTIC deal on his Toyota Corolla!!!!  We're so excited!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Crafts

I've got to say, it's mighty nice to have a weekend where I know I won't have to work the coming week.  I got a little bit of work done, but was able to do SO MUCH crafting!

My sister came over on Saturday, and we started my Rudolph wreath!  I'm heading to school this morning to work in my room for just a few hours, and will need to finish putting him together then when I have my hot glue gun.  (Tutorial coming soon!!)

After she left, I got to preview Jamberry nail wraps--so far, I'm in LOVE...I'll let you know!

After church on Sunday, my best friend came over with her new embroidery machine and I got to teach her how to use it. I'd say she did pretty good for her first applique monogram!!!  

ANDDD she got to help me sew my first "outfit!"  A skirt for my Elf on a Shelf!

Andrew and I are really trying hard not to do anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but it's just SO HARD this year!! I think it's helping since I kinda get to cheat and plan Christmas stuff for my classroom!

What's your favorite holiday DIY or craft?

Friday, November 21, 2014

A few OCD tendencies...Am I crazy?

I realized Tuesday night in my graduate class that there are a few things that set me a part from the "normal."  Now, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am 100% OCD, but there are a few things that just drive me nuts.

I have trouble journaling/doodling because I want everything to be perfect.  (This became very clear when I couldn't quite get this graphic organizer right in class Tuesday.)  Rachel took this snapchat of me...

I need the TV volume to be on an even number - 10, 12, 14...

I need to color code my calendar and my class notes

My Pinterest boards are categorized, and alphabetized.

Our plates and bowls are color coordinated .... as well as my clothes closet.

I can't get in bed unless my sheets are folded correctly.

My morning routine is basically the same every single day.

The shower curtain must stay closed ((Andrew hates this one...cause he's always the culprit))

Everything has a place (at home, in my classroom) and it just drives me crazy if it's not there.


What are some of your OCD tendencies?? Do we have any of the same?  Am I completely crazy?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

when blogging = blessing

Jenna from Dearest Love wrote the other day about a fun blogging weekend she had. At the end of the post, she asked how blogging has been a blessing to [me.]  That questions really sunk in...and I couldn't help but make a post out of it!

I'm so incredibly thankful for what blogging has given me. Even though I haven't grown as much as a blogger may want to grow in the three years I've been blogging, I've truly been blessed by my experiences.

I feel like I have found a voice, and an opinion on -some- things.

I've become more confident in myself...and my quirks.

I've become a bit of a cliche (with my picture taking and instagram posting)...but I just LOVE it.

I feel like I am more positive now.  I try to always find the good in a situation.

I've met so many wonderful ladies through blogging.  Most of whom I've never met, but feel a close connection to.

I know I always have a support group.  I mean, there's got to be SOMEONE dealing with the same crap I am, right?

The list making could continue for forever, I'm sure, but, I'll just share a random {snapchat} picture, and let this post be done.  Besides, it's Thanksgiving in Kindergarten...and I'm going to need all the energy I can get today!


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