Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tailgate Wedding Shower - The Details!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting a tailgate themed wedding shower for my best friend and her fiance!  She wanted a shower that her fiance could be involved in--so we thought a co-ed tailgate shower would be the perfect idea!  Plus, they're both huge sports fans! 

I had every guest write a "play" (marriage advice) for a "marriage playbook" that I'll soon put together for them...

We had game-day food (hamburgers/hot dogs) with all the fixings, chips, and cookie cake--the brides favorite!


We had a photobooth for all of the guests--we even had some football helmets/props to use!

I think the beer pong and corn hole were the game winners, though!  Everyone had such a great time!

Before the bride and groom opened their gifts, we played a game of "The Newlyweds" with the bride/groom and their parents.  IT was so fun!!

Overall, I think it went really well, and I'm so excited for the soon to be newlyweds!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Take Me Back... Spring Break!! PLEASE!?

My spring break wasn't long enough.  Okay, okay...don't get me wrong - I know I should be grateful I got a spring break.  I just wish I stayed the whole week at the beach...and that we actually got some sun. Boo cloudy/windy/rainy weather!  (#whitegirlproblems ?)

My girlfriends and I met at Starbucks early Sunday morning, to get some coffee drinks (hello, free coffee!!!), and then we were off to the beach! Fripp Island, SC was BEAUTIFUL, and I wish I was still there! 

We spoke in hashtags. We playing lots of grown up games.  We drove a golf cart and we spent time out on the beach in cloudy weather.  We gossiped and read magazines.  We saw LOTS of wild deer and alligator. It was wonderful to be with girlfriends!

I stayed until Wednesday, and then had to come home to get some hours in at Panera.  As bummed as I was to leave early, I was thankful for the time I had there, and grateful to be back home with Andrew and pups!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wired by ALP

Instagram is probably the main social media outlet that I keep up with daily.  As much as I like to check facebook and twitter, there's always something I'll miss.  But instagram!?  I usually scroll alllllllll the way down until I've seen every picture posted since I last checked it. (Someone tell me I'm not the only one?)

A few weeks ago, I saw someone share their awesome jewelry they just got from Wired by ALP.  I was hooked---when can I get some?  Wired by ALP sells/shares her jewelry soley on instagram, and is doing a great job! Look at these beautiful options:

I ordered my jewelry immediately! Count me in for a monogram necklace and ring!!  I can't wait to order more from here soon!

Oh, and before you run away...make sure you're following Wired by ALP on instagram.  She's running a giveaway through TOMORROW! Act fast!

**I recieved my jewelry in exchange for my review in this post.  But I tell you, I'm OBSESSED with my jewelry, and think you should get some!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Future

Well, it's that time of year--since I'm a TA, and I want my own classroom, I'm on the job search for a teaching job. While it's awesome to be in the classroom, I want to teach my own students.   I want to plan my own lessons...plan my own routine.

Obviously, that is my main goal right now--and I'm terrified to start the job hunt again.  Luckily, I'm already in the school system, so it will be easier for me than it was last year. :)  But, so far, I've not heard of ANY openings that I'd be eligible for. 

As easy as it is to focus on that, at the same time, I have other plans for my future as well.  Andrew and I want to get a house.  We both will need new cars soon(ish).  Of course, we want to start a family. AND, I'm looking in to going back to school and getting my Master's.  

I know that I want to get my master's and do the whole school thing before we start a family, but my good grief am I scared of those payments.

Do you have your masters??  Did you work while you went back to school?

I went to an open house last week at the college I'd attend.  They've got an awesome program that would start in the summer and would only last 13 months--so, it wouldn't be terrible.  I'm just conflicted!  Do I even want to be in school while being a "first year teacher?"  I mean, how do I know I will even HAVE my own classroom?!

As I sit here rambling, I know I just need to relax and trust that everything will work out.  I'm just such a planner of EVERYTHING, it's hard not to wonder!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Life Lately: Weekly Blessings

I'm so thankful for the past few days.  I've experienced some wonderful blessings!

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day in kindergarten last week--it was so fun making all of the example crafts!  Friday was our sight word superstar party, too! All the kiddos who progressed with their sight words got to attend the cupcake party!

We had our first Life Group "meeting" on Thursday--I'm so excited to be a part of a small group of women who want to lift each other up, and grow closer to God.  It's awesome!!

I had to work at Panera Saturday morning, but it was great to have an evening home.  Puppy helped me cut out some laminated items for school!

Oh, and then yesterday's church service was just awesome.  We had a morning of music, and I just couldn't get over how beautiful everything was!  Arn't the flowers and cross just gorgeous, too??

I'll leave you with this lovely picture--one of the older women in church brought it to share with me.  She found it while cleaning out a desk!  I'm on the left, my sister on the right.  Dad told me yesterday that the youth group had dared him to grow a mustache!

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