Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fall Swap!!

I am so excited to be a part of this Fall Swap!!  I feel like it's been a while since I've participated in a swap, so it's definitely time for one. Plus, fall is my favorite, what could be better!?

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Emily from Be Blessed Y’all//Lori from A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side
Rebekah from Wearable.//Ricci from Imperfectly Ricci
You've got until October 8th to sign up!  Then, you will receive an email by Oct. 10th about who your partner is--once you get that email, start getting to know your partner via email, instagram, blog stalking, etc. 
Your package for your partner MUST be mailed by Oct. 22nd, so that we can all come back and link up with what we received on Oct. 29th!

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Fall Swap

You know you wanna join in on the fun, right?  Sign up here:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Meaning & Purpose

Sometimes it's easier not to try and make sense of what is in my head, but to share what other people have said.  Today is one of those days!  

I hope you know what your gift is, and that you're giving it away daily!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Learning from the BEST

It was so wonderful to have my mom in my classroom with me for a bit on Friday! I had a super fun Johnny Appleseed craft planned, and started to worry on Thursday night that I was going to try and do it alone!  Mom came to the rescue, and helped out with the craft on Friday and she was a LIFESAVER!

The kids made precious Johnny Appleseed craft, but there were so many pieces and parts!  Watching mom with MY children brought me so much joy.  She was just so uplifting to all of them, and reminded me of the reason I'm a teacher!

I cannot wait for you to visit again!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apples Galore!

This week in kindergarten has been one of my favorites so far.  I finally feel that I am getting a hold of my schedule, and managing my time well.  I finally don't feel behind on my planning, and to top it all off??

I had time to MAKE some of my own activities!  One of the things I love about teaching, is that I can just create the activity if I can't find anything that necessarily fits in to what I want.  This week we're starting to theme our units, and we're kicking them off with APPLES!

The first week of fall is the perfect time to incorporate apples.  We've been writing about apples, weighing apples, performing experiments to see if apples sink/float, counting with apples, and will even be making applesauce on Thursday!

Since we try to hard to make sure that we are doing everything with a purpose, and making everything as educational as possible, I wanted to make some activities that went with our theme, were lots of fun, but were also educational! This is one of the first activities I've ever made, and I have to say that I've very pretty pleased. :)

I am just so excited about my first activity, so I'm sharing it with you!! JUst head over here to grab the applesauce activity sheet!  (Clip Art from My Happy Place).

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crate Seats Revealed!!

I shared some teaser photos with you forever ago of some classroom projects I was working on...and then I left you hanging for way too long on the reveal. Whoops!

I wanted to incorporate caterpillars in to the classroom as much as possible, since my classroom theme is "Carnes' Caterpillars!"  To help display some student work, and hold our words on our word wall ribbons, I made a TON of close pin caterpillars:

 All you need are pom poms (I got these from Hobby Lobby!), close pins, and a hot glue gun!

The caterpillars help hold student work on our proud wall::photos were taken before school started, when I didn't have student work up on the walls. :)

You can also see the crate seats in the photo above! I'm just obsessed with them, and they were so easy to make!!  I bought the crates at Target, and took one of the crates in to Home Depot with me.  The guy their was super helpful and measuring/cut some scrap wood for me.  He gave it to me for free!!!!!  I went to Joanne's for the fabric--I even took one of the pieces of wood in with me, so I would know how much batting and fabric to get.  Once I got home, I just cut the batting to match the wood pieces, and wrapped the fabric around.  Andrew helped me with the staple gun, and we were done! Easy peasy!

Here's what my classroom looked like at the beginning of school!  I'll need to share some of what it looks like now. :)

What have you been crafting lately!? 

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