Be Blessed, Y'all: I Almost Got LEFT in Canada!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I Almost Got LEFT in Canada!


Well, I've struggled a bit this summer with blog topics-I've got so many ideas and then lose them while I'm out and about.  But thankfully three lovely ladies have come up with some great blogging prompts for July.  While I don't intend to use the prompts for everyday...I want to try and few!

Day 1?  Apparently today is Canada Day--so I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with Canada with you. :)


My sister and I are so grateful to have grown up in a family where travel and exploration was something that happened every summer.  We have extended family in Iowa and Minnesota, but would always take summer trips to the beach, as well as other fun places (Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, etc.) One summer, our family vaca led us up towards the Great Lakes, and our spontaneous family decided it'd be fun to drive over the America/Canada border just 'cause.  We were just in Canada for like - two hours - before heading back to the states.  Easy peasy, right?

Well, the guard at the gates asked for our ID's...of course mom and dad had theirs, but Rach and I were too young to have any form of identification and this was before all the security crazy, so mom and dad didn't think twice about crossing the border for a few hours.  Luckly, my sister and I look like our parents...I discticly remember the guard telling mom and dad that "you better be glad they look like you, or you'd all be staying in Canada until you can find proof!"

Talk about scary, right?  And, because blog posts can't exist without photos, I'll leave you with some pictures of my recent trip to Niagra Falls (I'm cheating, cause we stayed on the U.S. side....but, still, it's cool right?)


Have you been to Niagra Falls before?

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allieology said...

Your parents were some rebels sneaking you guys over the border! I'm so jealous of Niagara Falls! I wanna go so bad!

kdhopwood said...

Your parents are awesome. You almost got left there? Don't worry they have poutine and Taylor Kitsch, you'd live a happy life :)


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